Ribbit Time

What's worse than being lonely in a pond full of life?

Enter chat

Why RibbitTime.com is becoming so popular?

  • It has name that's easy to remember.
  • I don't require your email address to start chatting.
  • Features are few, so application is very easy to use.
  • Layout is simple, all controls accessible from the main chat window.

When is the best time to chat?

Who doesn't know that?! Ribbit Time is at 8:00 PM, when toads and frogs in jungle, lakes and ponds join the chorus. Best time to chat is Prime time!

Notable features

See Everyone

Everybody joins through the main entrance. Sitting in lobby, you can't miss a new character! Help them feel welcome and wanting to come back.

Share a photo

Don't be shy - put face to your name! Application allows avatar photo upload. Conversation is more engaging when we see the opponent.

Group Chat

Too much noise? Initiate group chats with like-minded individuals - on the fly! Participate in multiple chats at once. Mute distracting channels.


Make friends via one-on-one messaging! Click on user name to send individual messages. <Hint> feature keep dialogs flowing!

Sebastian, why do I need another chat?!

I hear you cry! No matter. I chose for it to be, and for you to play along. Seriously though, I hope my unique approach to what's important in a chat, combined with brilliant ignorance, produce something of value for you and me. The only condition to know is that chat can't work when you don't see the main chat screen: when phone lock screen is taking over, or when browser navigates to another web page instead. Soon after you will be disconnected and recieve no more messages.